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data-gallery.com/shop/Zac Posen/Zac Posen Baby Clothes, Clothing, & Accessories for Children and Toddlers Zac Posen draws a sharp line in the sand between kid’s casual wear and their stylish counterparts. Think coordinated khaki vests, cardigans, and shorts that look great on toddlers and older kids (although they won’t stop your three-year-old from seeing them as costumes). It’s casual perfection, but it’s easy to take that label too literally. Whether you’re sipping coffee at your favorite café or taking a walk with your child, you’ll both look adorable.This invention relates to a new and improved electro-acoustical transducer assembly which is particularly well suited for converting a wide band audio signal into a narrow band electrical output signal. The type of transducer assembly to which the present invention is directed is well known and is described, for example, in U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,041,644 and 4,236,131, assigned to the same assignee as the present invention. In these patents, a loudspeaker transducer is provided with a plurality of tapered drivers arranged in a stack so as to convert a wide band audio signal into a relatively narrow band output electrical signal. The transducer assembly has a plurality of driver stacks that are disposed in a faceplate, and each of the stacks has a driver for each of the frequency bands of the audio signal. The transducer assembly further includes a series of separating elements that are disposed between adjacent stacks and used to align and maintain each stack in registration with the other stacks. The separating elements each have a sloped surface to which a ramp may be attached to urge the stacks towards each other. In the arrangements of the patents, a spring biases each stack towards the sloped surface of the separating element to which it is attached. The tapered drivers in a stack are each mounted on a separate mounting plate. The mounting plates are rigidly secured to the separating element by means of a clamp-like device which holds the mounting plates in fixed relation with respect to the sloped surface of the separating element. Each of the mounting plates has a pair of spaced-apart apertures, and the adjacent apertures are arranged so that they define a longitudinally extending series of apertures. A longitudinally extending series of lead wires are connected to the




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Austin White Mfc Mega athllian

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